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FDA grants a bit more time for front-of-pack feedback

July 25, 2023

The FDA on Monday reopened the comment period to gather input on its plans to study potential front-of-pack labeling schemes after tech issues left some groups unable to submit their comments before the deadline…

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New research show consumers are looking for facts on real sugar

June 30, 2023

The Sugar Association recently released findings from a consumer survey demonstrating consumers remain interested in knowing where real sugar comes from and how much of it they can eat[...].

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Real Sugar Really Resonates: Survey shows message is having an effect in perceptions

June 6, 2023

While table sugar being seen as natural is on the rise, the association with natural is even higher when consumers are asked about sugar, real sugar, beet sugar and cane sugar.[...]

Scientific review calls for added sugar intake to be halved

May 3, 2023

A recent British Medical Journal (BMJ) review advises people to cut intake of added sugars to six teaspoons a day but industry group The Sugar Association has slammed the quality of data used in the review as “garbage”. [...]

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Experts recommend 6-teaspoon limit to added sugar following BMJ review, industry weighs in

April 18, 2023

Recently published research in The BMJ is providing fresh concerns about sugar consumption levels, as some industry stakeholders disagree with the conclusion and CPG brands look to innovate in the low- and no-sugar space [...]

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Dairy industry unveils school chocolate-milk commitment

April 7, 2023

More than three dozen milk processors this week unveiled a new pledge to cut added sugar in flavored milks served in schools – an attempt to keep these products in schools amid a proposed USDA crackdown on added sugars in school meals.[...]

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