Why Sugar is in Food

Why Sugar is in FoodBeyond its contributions as a sweetener and flavor-enhancer, sugar:

  1. Interacts with molecules of protein or starch during baking and cooking process.
  2. Act as a tenderizer by absorbing water and inhibiting flour gluten development, as well as delaying starch gelatinization.
  3. Incorporates air into shortening in the creaming process.
  4. Caramelizes under heat, to provide cooked and baked foods with pleasing color and aroma.
  5. Speeds the growth of yeast by providing nourishment.
  6. Serves as a whipping aid to stabilize beaten egg foams.
  7. Delays coagulation of egg proteins in custards.
  8. Regulates the gelling of fruit jellies and preserves.
  9. Helps to prevent spoilage of jellies and preserves.
  10. Improves the appearance and tenderness of canned fruits.
  11. Delays discoloration of the surface of frozen fresh fruits.
  12. Enables a wide variety of candies through varying degrees of recrystallization.
  13. Controls the reformation of crystals through inversion (breakdown to fructose and glucose).
  14. Enhances the smoothness and flavor of ice cream.

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