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Domino Sugar

Domino® Sugar: Family means everything and baking is an easy way to show just how much you care. We invite you to take a closer look at the wide variety of ways to use the sweetness of Domino® Sugar in your favorite baked goods. Since many have asked where to find some of our products, we decided to bring them to you through the Domino Sugar eMarket.

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Florida Crystals Sugar

Florida Crystals Sugar: Florida Crystals natural sugars are milled on the day of harvest, with one simple crystallization. The juice is pressed from sun-ripened sugarcane, washed, filtered and crystallized-all right on the farm. Because our natural sugars are less processed, they retain more of the original flavor of sun-sweetened sugarcane. No additives or preservatives, nothing artificial – just natural sweetness to enhance your favorite foods.

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Hula Girl Foods

Hula Girl Foods: Hula Girl Foods is a family owned and operated sugar cane farm in Waimanalo, HI. Hula Girl Foods has been manufacturing sugar cane products for over 25 years. The products are 100% pure and natural sugar cane. Our Sugar Cane is organically grown and hand cut. The fresh cane is placed in the cutting equipment to remove the tough outer bark and separate the sweet core into Swizzle Sticks.Try Hula Girl Foods Swizzle Sticks and see why they are the perfect way to naturally enhance Mojitos, Martinis, coffee and tea and other signature alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Swizzle Sticks add a taste of paradise in every beverage.

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Maui Brand Sugar

Maui Brand Sugar: Maui Brand® Natural Cane Sugars are made on Maui using 100% pure cane sugar. Discover the sweetness of the islands! We here at Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Company have been growing and milling sugarcane on our central Maui Plantation for over 130 years. Our Maui Brand Natural Cane Sugars are the result of years of experience, technology and craftmanship. Handcrafted one batch at a time, our sugars retain some of the molasses that gives them their natural color and rich flavor.

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RBJ's Gourmet Creations

RBJ’s Gourmet Creations: RBJ’s Gourmet Creations offers Spreadable Fruit, Signature Syrups and Signature Jellies made with all natural sugar. A terrific topping to bread, bagels, ice cream or waffles, RBJ’s Spreadable Fruit is available in 3 unique flavors: Rhubarb-Strawberry, Strawberry-Almond and Strawberry-Peach. Ideal on pancakes, waffles, French toast and ice cream, Signature Syrups are available in Chokecherry, Raspberry and Elderberry . Also available in Chokecherry, Raspberry and Elderberry, be sure to try Signature Jellies on bagels, crackers, ice cream, and in your old favorite – peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

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Blueberry Bliss Company

Blueberry Bliss Company: Blueberry Bliss Company has been producing premium blueberry products since 1991. Today the product line includes Jams, Jelly, Topping, Blueberry Syrup, Blueberry Pancake Mix, Blueberry Gingerbread Mix and Gift Boxes. Blueberry Bliss is located in Down East Maine and this small, family owned and operated company strives to produce the very best blueberry products that showcase this special place and its’ very special berry.

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Tassleberry Farm

Tassleberry Farm: At Tassleberry Farm, we grow it, package it, and sell it ourselves. Our strawberries are very well known in central New York as “sweet & delicious”. As “value added” to keep the family farm viable diversification into a gourmet product line has been both rewarding and a lot of hard work. Strawberry Balsamic Vinegar, Strawberry Marinade, Strawberry Jamaican Jerk, Strawberry Balsamic Vinaigrette Strawberry Salad Dressing and Vegetable Dip, Strawberry BBQ and Strawberry Butter. We are working on a Strawberry Mediterranean Salad dressing as well as a Strawberry & Sweet Corn Salsa (we also grow sweet corn) and a Blueberry Vinegar.

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Blenders Barbeque Sauce

Blenders Barbeque Sauce: Blenders original Sauce was made by my Aunt Pauline in 1927 at their famous first restaurant in Kansas city. I inherited this amazingly delicious and unique sauce and give part of the proceeds to children and now have it nation wide. All 3 sauces are very versatile, flavorful and not just heat and are great on everything, a great dipping, cocktail sauce, salsa, marinade, are all natural, no fat, corn syrup or fake smoke. Don’t wait to BBQ, put them on fish,sandwiches, eggs, fries, tacos, bean dip, pizza, shrimp, turkey, burgers, bloody mary mix and more!

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Lisa's Raspberry Bars

Lisa’s Raspberry Bars: These remind me of the 4 years I spent living and working in Germany as a young adult. I can still recall the heavenly scent of butter and sugar that wafted through my window every morning from the bakery across the street. The NY Daily News calls our Raspberry Bars the best they’ve ever tasted and we hope you will agree! I have a passion for baking and a true desire to bring to my customers memories of the past – through the tastes of our scratch baked cookies and bars and the personal attention paid to each and every order.

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Cooperstown Cookie Company

Cooperstown Cookie Company: Pati Grady launched the Cooperstown Cookie Company, in October 2004 at the National Baseball Hall of Fame’s World Series Gala. The Cooperstown Cookie Company makes all natural Classic Baseball Shortbread Cookies, Baseball Cookie Gift Towers and Baseball Party Favors. Based in Cooperstown, NY, home of baseball, we are a Major League Baseball Diverse Business Partner, Pride of New York member and Certified New York State Woman Owned Business. The company’s customers include the Philadelphia Phillies, the New York Yankees, the Detroit Tigers, and baseball and cookie fans nationwide. Minor League Baseball selected the company’s Ballpark Bunt Box, which is featured in several of the gift towers, as one of the most innovative new products in baseball.

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King's Cupboard

The King’s Cupboard was incorporated in 1990 by Lila Randolph-Poore and Richard “Rigger” Poore. With a few time tested recipes – representing three generations of lip smacking goodness – and some hard work, the corporation has grown into a full fledged enterprise holding a significant place of responsibility and honor in the American gourmet food industry. Eleven-time SOFI (Specialty Outstanding Food Innovation) Award Winner and Finalist, The King’s Cupboard crafts an exquisite line of elegantly packaged, all-natural delights including the original Bittersweet Chocolate dessert sauce as well as other all natural flavors such as Mint Chocolate, Espresso Chocolate, and Raspberry Chocolate sauces. We use a combination of fabulous chocolate and cocoa, cream from Montana dairies, Madagascar bourbon vanilla, pure juices, natural flavorings and plenty of 100% pure sugar. Foodservice sizes are also available. Kosher certified.

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Wild Thymes Farms

Wild Thymes Farms: Founded in 1989, Wild Thymes has become synonymous with innovation and quality. Our award-winning, critically-acclaimed line of chutneys, dipping sauces, marinades, cranberry sauces and dressings have filled a niche in the market for products that are creative, distinctive and sophisticated in their combinations of flavors. We seek out traditional American farm-fresh ingredients and combine them with diverse flavors from around the world. Wild Thymes products are created in New York’s Hudson Valley by the mother and daughter team of Enid and Ann Stettner. Our reputation has been built on the unsurpassed quality of our products and our customer service. Wild Thymes products are 100% natural, without any artificial preservatives or additives. They are free of cholesterol and sulfites and extremely low in calories, carbohydrates, and salt. Most products are fat and gluten free. Every product is made on the family farm in small batches, enabling us to produce extremely creative, superior quality specialty foods using only the finest quality farm-fresh ingredients. Our products are certified kosher, a testament to the purity and quality of our products.

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One Drop Hot Sauce

One Drop formulas are old Florida family recipes which have won culinary, cook-off and festival awards on more than one occasion. The Hot Sauce formula was chosen because; first, you taste a superb, sweet peppery flavor; and then, you get hit with the heat you won’t soon forget! The formula uses only the highest grade of all natural ingredients with NO artificial flavoring or coloring: hence the name, Genuine One Drop Gourmet Hot Sauce. By “popular demand” a hotter/spicier version of the original formula has been developed. It is called Blazzing One Drop Gourmet Hot Sauce. The ONE DROP Barbecue Team has been the test kitchen to tweak our old “original” recipe into a family of flavors. Our Genuine One Drop Gourmet Barbecue Sauces in three delicious flavors are packaged in 18 Net Wt. Oz. proprietary plastic bottles. Excellent on Pork, Beef, Poultry, Fish Lamb, Trophy Game or other exotic critters. So, “Spread the Taste” and on to Seasonings, Flavors and Snacks!

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Sonoma Syrup Co.

Sonoma Syrup Co. Artisan methods and small batch production allow Sonoma Syrup Co. to craft Infused Simple Syrups for the bar, barista and chef. Utilizing an infusion technique that requires weighting, mixing, macerating and filtering all ingredients by hand, Sonoma Syrup Co.’s syrups are new twists on an old classic. Our ultra-premium products use pure cane sugar infused with high quality ingredients such as our own Tahitian and Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, Sonoma-grown lavender, fresh country spearmint, Meyer lemon zest or other botanical flavors. These all-natural syrups are a simple way to enjoy the seasonal flavors of the Wine Country all year round.

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Salem Baking Company

Salem Baking Company: Dating back to 1930, Salem Baking Company’s artisan heritage is still apparent in each and every one of the company’s gourmet products including uniquely thin Moravian Cookies, Shortbread Cookies, artisan Cheese Straws, Cheese Biscuits and more. Located in the foothills of North Carolina, Salem Baking specializes in time-honored recipes and distinctive products that are made with original recipes, baked in the homemade tradition, and use only the finest ingredients from around the world. All Salem Baking Company products are all natural with no trans fats.

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Montebello Kitchens

Montebello Kitchens: Made by hand in small batches allows Montebello Kitchens to create fine specialty foods reflecting the vibrant history and traditions of Virginia. Our Curry Ketchup and Virginia Barbecue Sauce use Free Trade Organic sugar to develop their unique flavor profile that is enjoyed by so many families. Because we are a family business, we believe in shared obligations – to customers, to vendors, to employees. We believe that integrity, hard work, and good will, pay off in satisfied customers. We strive to be a friend to the environment and the community through responsible business practices, donations, volunteerism, and community memberships. Most importantly, we have fun doing what we do and we thank you for enjoying our food.

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Reid's Foods, Inc.

Reid’s Foods, Inc.: Reid Foods prides itself on catering to the Gourmet Connoisseur by blending the freshest fruits and vegetables to create jams, salsas, dessert toppings, pasta sauces, soups and dips. Products versatile enough to grace dishes both grand and satisfying simple. Our products are a favorite of gift basket and gourmet shops. All Natural-No Preservatives-ADA Approved Private Label-Co Packing-Custom Packaging-Custom Formulation.

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Dorothy's Candies

Dorothy’s Candies: If you like your chocolates smooth and creamy – but with a nice snap when you bite it, you’ve come to the right place. Dorothy’s Candies of White Oak, PA has been making premium Swiss chocolates since 1947. Dorothy’s Candies begins with the most delicious Swiss chocolate made in the USA. Swiss chocolate is higher in cocoa solids than most chocolate used in commercial chocolate making – and it is, of course, the chocolate in chocolate that makes it yummy! It also gives chocolate that special mouth feel that only Swiss chocolate delivers. Once you notice the difference, you’ll never crave any other kind!

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Northwest Wildfoods

Northwest Wildfoods is a small, family-owned company dedicated to bringing you the rare and natural wild flavors of the Pacific Northwest. Our wild berries are hand-gathered in the lush woodlands of the Cascade and Olympic Mountains. They include the wild blackberry, wild red huckleberry, wild blue huckleberry and the wild blueberry. We use the ripe juicy berries to make our signature jams and syrups. These delicious treats are made in small batches and go great on toast, waffles or ice cream. Enjoy!

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Bella's Confections

Bella’s Confections: Our gourmet fudge has been a favorite in our family for generations. Bella’s Confections was created in honor of my grandmother’s recipes. In Italian Bella means beautiful and this is how I will always remember her. I have taken her secret fudge recipe and updated it to make the creamiest fudge you will ever taste. Our product is handmade in small quantities to ensure freshness in our kitchen in Northern California. Ghirardelli chocolate, real cream, butter and a few family secrets create this delicious fudge.

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Buckhead Gourmet Inc.

Buckhead Gourmet Inc.: Buckhead Gourmet has been producing gourmet food products since 1995. Our product line includes our famous wine finishing sauces, grilling sauces, salad dressings, salsas, relishes and spice dips mixes. When you are in a crunch at dinner time, look to Buckhead Gourmet for easy recipes that will produce restaurant quality dishes that you and your family can enjoy. We have a Marsala Wine sauce that will tantalize your taste buds. We are a family owed business which strives to produce the best flavored gourmet products in the industry.

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Aloha from Oregon

Aloha from Oregon: Far from our humble beginnings, eighteen years ago, Aloha from Oregon’s success was created because of our dedication to “always” creating the highest quality products with the utmost attention to detail. This is still true today. Our products are used regularly as ingredients by gourmet chefs as well as creative homemakers who want to serve their family and guests something special. Our sassy and diverse product line includes pepper jellies in thirteen flavors: apricot, cranberry, garlic, habanero, jalapeno, mango, marionberry, pineapple, plum-ginger thai, pomegranate, smokey red jalapeno, strawberry and sweet onion. All these sweet, tart and spicy jellies make a delicious glaze for pork, poultry and seafood and are a very popular appetizer served on a cracker with cream cheese. We also produce six flavors of chutneys, specialty fruit butters and tangerine marmalade. What started as a home-based business has blossomed into a company with satisfied customers nationwide.

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Texas Sassy

Texas Sassy: At Texas Sassy Foods, our goal is to delight the senses with tastes that are lively, vibrant and spirited – just like our name, sassy. Our products are handcrafted with the perfect blend of sweet, sour and spicy. They are proven crowd-pleasers with a distinctive pickle flavor. They have earned numerous awards in local and national competitions and perform beyond expectations. For your own use or to send as a unique, flavorful gift for family and friends, order now.

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SheCooks: Whole-grain baking mixes are made with organic, stone ground flours that come directly from charming local (Minnesota and Wisconsin) mills. Easy to follow instructions – they’re a cinch to make. You just add a few fresh ingredients and make it all in one bowl: A healthy treat that you can call homemade. Whole Wheat and Oat Pancakes have a hint of cinnamon and are perfect with warmed chunky applesauce. Breakfast Bisquits have dried cranberries and white chocolate chips, not too sweet, perfect with a cup of tea. Other mixes in our line: Jalapeno Cornbread, Whole Wheat Popovers, Whole Wheat Pizza Crust, (add your own fruit) Fruit Bread, Fruit Crisp and Whole Wheat Chocolate Cupcakes, called LoveCups. All mixes are made by hand, in small batches. Yum!

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The Great San Saba River Pecan Company

The Great San Saba River Pecan Company: Award-winning Preserves made by hand in the orchard kitchens of THE GREAT SAN SABA RIVER PECAN COMPANY are available online or at many specialty food stores nationwide. Our Peach Pecan & Amaretto Preserves won the Most Outstanding Preserves Sofi award at the NY Fancy Food Show several years ago, and has been a classic best seller. Additionally, we offer Pecan Pie In-A-Jar which allows anyone to bake a perfect pecan pie fresh at home.

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Lisa's Cookie Shop

Lisa’s Cookie Shop: I am Lisa Ciriello, the founder and baker of Lisa’s Cookie Shop, Inc. My life-long passion for good food and my quest for baked goods that reminded me of my child-hood led me to launch Lisa’s Cookie Shop. Our Kitchen Sink Cookie is my way of paying homage to my Aunt Bernadette, a talented home-baker who had a habit of throwing whatever she had left over from the pantry into her cookies. You never knew what you were going to get, but it was always delicious. Featured on The Rachael Ray Show and in Food & Wine Magazine, this is our most popular cookie!

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