Huffington Post: The Reasons To Love Sugar Go Beyond Sweetness

When we think of sugar, its sweet taste is probably the first thing that comes to mind, but sugar’s role in food goes well beyond making it taste great, writes Christy Brissette, MSc, RD, in a recent Huffington Post column.

Brissette interviewed Chef Claire Tansey about the important and often irreplaceable role sugar plays in cooking and baking. Tansey highlights several functions of sugar in cooking in baking, including its role in preservation, fermentation and texture.

Chef Tansey also addresses what happens when you try to substitute sugar for something else.

“Some functions of sugar have a good substitution and others just don’t,” Chef Tansey says.

Chef Tansey also notes that trying to create lower-calorie foods by cutting out sugar isn’t always achieved.

“For better structure in sugar-reduced products, companies add other ingredients to bulk up the food. Usually this means more starches or maltodextrin, basically refined carbohydrates that your body uses as sugar anyway,” Chef Tansey says.

Chef Tansey says there is room for sugar in our recipes. “Sugar isn’t a bad word. I like cooking and baking with real ingredients. I’m interested in real food. As a mom, recipes have to be easy and simple.”


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