Jelly Belly Gourmet SodasJelly Belly Gourmet Sodas: Jelly Belly SODA? Yes, it’s true! The same great flavor of the Jelly Belly gourmet jelly beans is now available in liquid form! Every flavor is naturally flavored and made with only 100% Sugar. After all, Jelly Belly prides itself on using the best ingredients in their products! There are currently ten available flavors which have been expertly blended to match the flavor of their corresponding Jelly Belly jelly bean.

Goose Island Craft SodasGoose Island Craft Sodas: Goose Island Craft Sodas are hand-crafted in small batches to deliver a decadent drinking experience for soda fans. Our entire line is caffeine free and made with only 100% Sugar! Never pasteurized, gluten free, and caffeine free, our Chicago Style Root Beer and Naturally Flavored sodas were cultivated to deliver the richest tastes ever bottled. They’re so creamy, so indulgent that smiles naturally appear after every sip.

Caruso's Legacy Gourmet SodasCaruso’s Legacy Gourmet Sodas: Tradition is a word that holds many meanings to many people. Caruso’s Legacy Gourmet Sodas offer the traditional and classic flavors from the past while keeping the taste fresh and new. All sodas are naturally flavored and are made with only 100% Sugar!

Black Bear BeveragesBlack Bear Beverages: Four generations of a Wisconsin craft soda bottler perfecting a bear of a drink for all to enjoy. We are all about offering a full rainbow of flavors to satisfy every soda fan’s thirst from classic Black Cherry to unique Blue Raspberry. Gotta love the Bear!

Dublin Dr. PepperDublin Bottling Works: Not only is Dublin Bottling Works one of the world’s oldest soft drink bottling plants, they are also the only one that has always made all of their sodas according to their original formulas, using Imperial Pure Cane Sugar! You’ll agree that this gives their unique line of sodas a sweeter, cleaner taste…a taste you’ll remember!

Foxon Park BeveragesFoxon Park Beverages: Foxon Park Beverages, Inc. is a family owned and operated business located in East Haven, Connecticut, for over 80 years. “By using only the finest of ingredients including pure cane sugar, our soda has passed the hardest test of all – Time.”

Abita Root BeerAbita Root Beer: In brewing their root beer Abita has chosen to accentuate the traditional berbal flavors of the 1940s and ’50s. Abita has added a touch of vanilla for creaminess and a pinch of yucca to produce a lacy collar of foam. Unlike other soft drinks manufacturers, Abita uses only Louisiana cane sugar, not fructose or corn syrup. It costs more, but it’s an important part of that traditional taste.

POP The Soda ShopPOP The Soda Shop: Browse POP The Soda Shop’s extensive lists of products to find beverages made with all natural sugar (sucrose).

Jumpin Johnny'sJumpin Johnny’s: Jumpin Johnny’s is hand crafted, using only sugar and purified water. This along with the small batch recipe makes Jumpin Johnny’s taste the way soda is supposed to. If you are in Michigan, look for Jumpin Johnny’s in Bay City, Frankenmuth, Midland and Saginaw.

Fitz's Root BeerFitz’s Root Beer: A small hamburger joint may seem like an unusual place for a root beer legend to be born. But that’s exactly where it started in 1947. Noted for its incredible smoothness and thick creamy texture, Fitz’s became the root beer of choice among St. Louisans. It still is. Unlike most soft drinks, Fitz’s continues to use natural sugar as found in the original recipe. As far as we’re concerned, it’s the only way to brew a great root beer.

Virgil's Root BeerVirgil’s Root Beer: Reed’s Inc, based in Los Angeles, CA. Virgil’s Root Beers are “Delicious micro-brewed Root Beers made from whole ingredients like anise, licorice, wintergreen, molasses and unbleached cane sugar”

Captain Eli's SodaCaptain Eli’s Soda: “Capt’n Eli’s Soda is hand-crafted in small batches and sweetened with natural cane and brown sugars. Caffeine free.”

The Boylan Bttlg. Co.The Boylan Bttlg. Co.: The Boylan Bttlg. Co., founded in 1891, is honored to share very similar beginnings with the carbonated beverages of the same era that are now world-famous. For more than a century Boylan has formulated and produced, regardless of cost, only “authentic soda-pop”, unlike most bottlers in the country who have over the years compromised their original recipes and cut costs by switching to corn syrup and plastic bottles. Boylan still uses pure cane sugar, which enhances the true flavor rather than leave a syrupy aftertaste, and thick glass bottles to ensure freshness and proper levels of carbonation.

Zuberfizz Gourmet SodasZuberfizz Gourmet Sodas: Durango Soda Company takes pride in the ingredients, manufacturing process and packaging we use to create our incredible line of pure cane sugar sodas. Twist This!

Glow MamaGlow Mama: Glow Mama is the brand new nutritional drink developed especially for new and expecting moms. It’s proudly made with real sugar and no artificial additives of any kind… just lots of refreshing kiwi juice, loads of vitamins and 4 grams of fiber in every bottle. Just because we have to give up caffeine, alcohol and artificial sodas doesn’t mean we have to give up on taste and style.

SteazSteaz is a creation of The Healthy Beverage Company, Newtown PA, and is the number one selling organic soft drink in the country. Our products include regular and diet sparkling green teas, energy drinks, and iced teas. All Steaz products are Fair Trade certified from Transfair USA, which means we provide the farmers who grow and harvest our tea leaves with fair wages and better working conditions. Steaz is USDA Certified Organic. Our products better for you and they taste better too.

Stirrings Simply Better CocktailsStirrings Simply Better Cocktails: Stirrings believes that better ingredients make better cocktails and use only the finest real fruit juice, cane sugar, and triple-filtered water to produce an award winning line of Cocktail Mixers, Bar Ingredients, Rimmer® Garnishes and Cocktail Sodas.

Maine Root Handcrafted BeveragesMaine Root Handcrafted Beverages: Up here in Portland Maine, we are all about clean living. Pick up a bottle of Maine Root Handcrafted Beverages and check it out. We use only the best ingredients. Best in many ways. We considered the environmental impact, the social impact and business practices and of course the taste of every ingredient we use in our sodas. This led us to be the first soft drink company to become fair trade certified. Our flavors profile the clean taste of organic unprocessed sugar, it’s what we are all about. We use only fair trade organic sugar cane, we never use artificial sweeteners or corn syrup.

New Leaf BrandsNew Leaf Brands: It’s official: When delicious natural flavors aren’t obscured by high fructose corn syrup and artificial ingredients, the tea tastes better! Our founder, Eric Skae, discovered that simple, powerful truth during his personal quest to create the world’s best-tasting ready-to-drink tea. It’s why New Leaf is made with only the most carefully selected real teas, the finest natural flavors, and pure, organic cane sugar. It’s why we call New Leaf the official beverage of taste.