Healthy Weight

Myth: sugar makes you fat

Eating too much food makes you fat. With only 15 calories per teaspoon, sugar is no more fattening than any other 15 calories. You gain weight by taking in more calories than your body burns for fuel. Carbohydrates (like sugar) and protein supply 4 calories per gram, whereas fats deliver more than twice that – 9 calories per gram. Also, carbs and protein are converted immediately into the fuels a body needs, while fats are initially stored in fat cells for later use.

The reality is this: effective weight management depends on the combination of responsible eating and appropriate physical activity.

In 2002, a 3-year study conducted by The National Academy of Sciences concluded, “There is no clear and consistent association between increased intakes of added sugars and BMI.” BMI (Body Mass Index) is an indicator of body weight and obesity.