Eric Hopkins

Working as a team matters to Eric Hopkins. As the Senior Vice President of Hundley Farms, based in Belle Glade, Florida, he is part of a family farming business that stretches back to 1969. Hundley family has been growing in Palm Beach County since the 1930s.

​Founder John L. Hundley grew up farming with his father before starting Hundley Farms in 1969. Starting with just $25,000 worth of equipment, a $25,000 loan co-signed by his father, and 400 acres of land, John first raised sweet corn and radishes. Today, Hundley Farms works approximately 16,000 acres of land that includes mostly sugar cane and sweet corn, as well as field corn, radishes, celery, green beans and cattle.

Eric, John L. Hundley’s son-in-law, and the Hundley team have continued to grow the farm’s operation with an innovative, progressive approach to produce healthy, high-quality products. Crop diversification allows for the farm to offer a wider range of agricultural products. As part of the Sugar Cane Cooperative of Florida, Eric says that Hundley Farms is able to join forces with 44 local sugar cane farms to pool resources and spread out operating costs. Vertically integrated, the Co-Op can handle almost every aspect of sugar cane refining, marketing and sales once it’s delivered from the farm.

Hundley Farm’s management team also places sustainability high on its list of priorities. They comply with the South Florida Water Management District’s best management practices and utilize many conservation techniques to ensure that the farm will continue to be sustainable for future generations.

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