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With her own family history in agriculture, Krystal married into the world of sugar beets and strong family ties to the ground in northern Wyoming. In fact, the Crosbys helped settle this area and have been farming the land for five generations. The town was built up around sugar beets and the industry still plays and important role in supporting the community.

Christopher and Krystal have four small children, and love that farming gives them the opportunity to be part of the hard work and problem solving that goes into it. “The kids know where their food comes from and understand the ‘why’ for each step of the process.”

Krystal had her own ah-ha moment several years back regarding the creative thinking that farming requires. When she and her husband went to check the water in a field and she suggested a simple fix, he explained that a simple fix is rarely the best solution. So much of what they do is about responding to the needs of the plants and the ground, and knowing the very specific formula that works for each field, each crop.

The Crosby’s farm other crops on rotation, like hay, sorgum, wheat and barley, but sugar beets are their main crop. As someone who enjoys cooking, baking and canning (you should try her homemade crabapple jelly!), Krystal knows that sugar is an important ingredient in many foods and is a staple in any pantry. “Many people don’t understand the science behind making food or why sugar is used in the first place. They complain about sugar in foods like store-bought spaghetti sauce but don’t realize that their grandma’s recipe called for sugar when she made it from scratch.”

With a degree in kinesiology, she also appreciates how sugar is utilized in the body and the fact that sugar can be a nutrient delivery partner when it is added to nutritious foods like yogurt or cereals that are high in fiber, vitamins and minerals. “There’s much more to sugar than gummy bears, but those are yummy too!”

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