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Maria has always loved science and nutrition, and according to her 4th grade yearbook, she intended to be a poet. While writing poetry isn’t in her job description, using writing to communicate about the science of sugar certainly is. Maria works in Scientific Affairs for the Sugar Association, making sure how we communicate online and in print materials is accurate and science based.

She also leads the development of the educational materials that we share at conferences and make available to download and use in the classroom or at home. Ensuring this information helps provide some clarification around the many myths about sugar is important to Maria as she is a mother of six and knows how much contradictory information there is to sort through on social and online media. 

Maria’s children range in age from 3 months to 13, and one of the Scott family’s favorite ways to be together is in the kitchen. Bake-offs are a regular event and Maria doesn’t miss an opportunity to teach the kids about the various ingredients in their food. They can all recite the functions of sugar and definitely know where real sugar comes from!

In her free time, Maria enjoys running (alone!), hosting friends for dinner and exploring with her family, whether it’s a state park nearby or a new vacation destination.

Maria’s favorite way to enjoy sugar is in a lemon blueberry scone with a hot cup of coffee.

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