Every year on February 14th people exchange cards, flowers, candy and home baked treats with their family, friends, classmates and loved ones. Although this holiday has developed to revolve heavily around sweet treats, there is much more to sugar than its sweet flavor.

The illustrated cards below can be downloaded and printed for use as Valentine’s Day cards and to share #SweetFacts in addition to sweet treats this year!

Bread cartoon.Sugar helps make bread soft and tender by absorbing some of the water and slowing down the formation of gluten strands. Sugar also feeds the yeast, resulting in a faster rise.

BBQ sauce and sugar cartoon

Sugar cuts the acidity of the vinegar in BBQ sauces. It also acts as a preservative, allowing BBQ sauce and many other condiments to last much longer! 

Jam cartoon

In jams & jellies sugar works to preserve the fruit and prevent bacteria growth and spoilage.

cereal cartoon

Cereals containing fiber and whole grain are hard to swallow without sweetness to mask their bitter tastes.


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