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March 6th is National Oreo Cookie Day! On this day in 1912, Oreo cookies were first developed and produced by Nabisco in New York City. It’s time to celebrate the iconic crunchy chocolate sandwich cookie with the sweet vanilla cream filling that Americans have enjoyed for over one hundred years.

The very first Oreos were sold to a grocer in Hoboken, New Jersey, named S.C. Thuesen in March of 1912. Nine and a quarter pounds of Oreos cost the store $1.85 and the tin they came in cost an additional 50 cents. The cookies were a hit and an American tradition was born. Today, the cookie can be found in more than 100 countries! On November 21, 2011, the Oreo cookie received the Guinness World record for the world’s biggest selling cookie with total sales in excess of 500 billion since its introduction in 1912.

For decades, people have debated the correct way to eat an Oreo cookie. Some like to twist the cookie in half, lick the frosting and dunk it in a glass of milk, while others like to break their cookie in half before eating. While there’s no wrong way to enjoy your tasty treat, Oreo has been promoting the “twist, link and dunk” method since 1923, when the first advertisement showing “the twist” appeared on trolley cars.

Oreo has also produced many varieties of its popular cookie, as well as themes, special edition and limited-edition runs that have become popular in the 21st century. Special edition cookies have colored frosting and a stamped design in accordance with the current holiday. In 1974, the company introduced the Double Stuf Oreo with twice the filling of the original cookie. In 1992, they rolled out the Oreo Mini and released the Mega Stuf Oreo in 2013.

Oreo cookies are also beloved for their affordability, accessibility, and versatility. Countless dessert recipes from cakes and crusts to ice cream and bars feature the easy-to-use Oreo. There is even a deep-fried Oreo, introduced in 2001 by Charlie Boghosian at the L.A. County Fair. Boghosian dipped Oreos in pancake batter, deep-fried them, drizzled them with chocolate syrup and served them with powdered sugar. Since its debut, the deep-fried Oreo has become a staple at state fairs and carnivals around the country. 

The Oreo brand has been owned by Mondelez International since 2012. According to Mondelez, it takes two hours to make and bake one Oreo cookie. The company operates factories in 18 countries around the world that produce 40 billion cookies per year. If stacked together, these cookies would circle the earth five times! No one knows for sure how the Oreo cookie originally got its name, although the brand is a household name now. The street in New York City where Oreo originally debuted was renamed “Oreo Way” to honor where the very first cookie in the very first Nabisco factory was located.

The taste of Oreo cookies is the taste of nostalgia for many Americans and a sweet reminder of childhood. The cookies are also a longstanding tradition in many families, so raise your milk glass and wish the Oreo a happy 111th birthday!

Laura Rutherford

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