The Sugar Association offers important science-based informational brochures about sugar and its role in a healthy diet and lifestyle. Our publications help to explain why sugar is in foods and answer frequently asked questions about sugar.

Here you can find a wide variety of resources for parents and kids, educators, health professionals and any person looking to learn more about all natural sugar. Our publications provide all types of information about sugar, nutrition and health, many including fun and educational activities for all age groups.

Should you have a question about sugar that is not answered on our website or in our informational brochures, feel free to contact us.

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Information About Sugar

This is a 36 page booklet that provides information on just what is sugar, how is it refined, why it is in foods, types of sugar, other sweeteners, what does the science say about sugars intake, myths and finally challenges individuals to recognize the importance of total caloric intake and physical activity for good health.

A handbook detailing all the essential functional properties that sugar contibutes to foods and is a magnificent teaching tool for everyone from the average consumer to secondary school students to culinary professionals.

Includes a fun quiz that will help you learn about sugars and the Nutrition Facts Panel.

When you reach for the sugar bowl, you are reaching for sucrose. And, whether you know it or not, you’re opting for the purest foods found on the kitchen pantry shelf and in prepared food products. This document provides an overview of how natural sugar is refined and processed.

Sugar has been used in wound healing for thousands of years. This fact sheet explains how it works and provides quotes about its effectiveness from actual scientific studies.

For Kids, Parents and Teachers

Addresses the common dilemma of determining whether a child suffers from Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) or is simply highly active? This brochure offers tips for parents on how to recognize their children’s positive traits and channel their abundance of energy.

Getting picky eaters and children to eat healthy can be a real challenge. Check out this brochure for tips that will make it easier and more fun to eat well. And find several great recipes that are exciting to eat and make.

Learn why it’s so important for you and your family to eat breakfast. Find out what the "ideal" breakfast includes and find four tasty breakfast recipes that include all-natural sugar for a healthy start to your day.

Adventures in Food and Fitness

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Teachers can take their Pre-K-4th grade students on an informative adventure. This curriculum offers lesson plans on the importance of physical activity in nutrition and information on dental health. Use the reproducible coloring sheets to get students really involved. This lesson can also be utilized in conjunction with One Tooth, which focuses on dental hygiene, and Variety’s Mountain, which stresses the importance of a well-balanced diet.

Variety’s Mountain

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A colorful brochure for young children explaining the importance of nutrition and physical activity in a healthy lifestyle. Also available in Spanish.

La Montaña de Variedad

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Spanish version of “Variety’s Mountain”

One Tooth, Two Teeth, Clean Teeth, Good Teeth

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Join the Cavity-Free Generation! A fun, hands-on brochure for children ages 4-8 that is suitable for use in schools and dental offices. This educational tool introduces children to the importance of good dental care and regular visits to the dentist. (Also available in Spanish)

Un Diente

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Spanish version of “One Tooth, Two Teeth, Clean Teeth, Good Teeth”

Check out our newest publication! It is a wonderful tool about eating right and staying healthy, and kids will love the fun pictures. You can find great messages inside about the importance of good nutrition and exercise.

This curriculum, perfect for 4th-8th graders, takes students through the sugar manufacturing process. Explore the process that includes photosynthesis, sugar molecules and the processing and refinement of sugar, including the environmental aspects, from farm to table. Engage students with exciting activities like crystal-growing experiments and word puzzles.

Information on Today’s Issues

If you’re like most Americans, you’re probably not getting enough dietary fiber for good health.

Reviews the full body of science on sugar and highlights the conclusions of major scientific reviews.

Addresses the basis for many popular diets – the glycemic index – and debunks the myth that sugar is a high gylcemic food.

Healthful eating is an important goal. This document explains why sugar is in foods and how numerous studies have confirmed that sugar makes many healthful foods palatable, which helps contribute to intakes of key vitamins and minerals.

This document provides the actual data that show sugars intake in not the major source of increase calories. As obesity rates rise, per capita consumption of sugars decline.

Answers common questions about sugar and other sweeteners.

With all the contradicting advice parents are getting about what to or not to feed their children, this document provides up-to-date scientific information on all the questions about sugar in children’s diets.

This document discusses the issues surrounding the push to reformulate foods using ingredient substitution and whether this is best way to solve the problem of increasing numbers of individuals that are overweight and obese or will it simply create a new set of problems.