The Sugar Association offers important science-based informational brochures about sugar and its role in a healthy diet and lifestyle. Our publications help to explain why sugar is in foods and answer frequently asked questions about sugar. Below you will find a wide variety of resources for parents and kids, educators, health professionals and any person looking to learn more about all natural sugar.

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Sugar 101

Sugar’s Place in Healthful Eating Patterns


This booklet provides a comprehensive look at sugar and its role in a healthy lifestyle. It includes Information on consumption trends, nutrient delivery, body weight and chronic disease.

Sugar in the Diet


A look at the relationship between sugar intake and obesity prevalence and the important role sugar plays in nutrient delivery.

Sugar and the Glycemic Index



Explore the principles of the glycemic index/glycemic load and the place of these measure in evaluating the healthfulness of a balanced diet.

Sugar-Fat Seesaw


Sugar-Fat Seesaw: Learn about the sugar-fat seesaw effect and the research behind BMI trends and obesity prevalence.

This is a 36 page booklet that provides information on just what is sugar, how is it refined, why it is in foods, types of sugar, other sweeteners, what does the science say about sugars intake, myths and finally challenges individuals to recognize the importance of total caloric intake and physical activity for good health.

For Kids, Parents and Teachers

Variety’s Mountain



A colorful brochure for young children explaining the importance of nutrition and physical activity in a healthy lifestyle. Also available in Spanish.

La Montaña de Variedad



Spanish version of “Variety’s Mountain”

One Tooth, Two Teeth, Clean Teeth, Good Teeth



Join the Cavity-Free Generation! A fun, hands-on brochure for children ages 4-8 that is suitable for use in schools and dental offices. This educational tool introduces children to the importance of good dental care and regular visits to the dentist. (Also available in Spanish)

Un Diente



Spanish version of “One Tooth, Two Teeth, Clean Teeth, Good Teeth”