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November 22, 2022

To make the perfectly roasted marshmallow you’ve got to be patient, says long-time s’mores connoisseur Courtney Gaine, president and CEO of The Sugar Association. Rush the process and your marshmallow will instantly catch on fire, resulting in a treat that’s charred on the outside while still cold on the inside… At a temperature nearing 250 degrees, the Maillard reaction will kick off. This chemical process occurs when the amino acids from the gelatin and heated sugar interact, causing the exterior of the marshmallow to start browning and a developing toasty flavor.

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DGAC urged to be guided by realism

October 5, 2023

Brief comments from dozens of organizations were submitted as video presentations or delivered live virtually for the third public meeting of the DGAC held Sept. 12-13. [...]

Groups say realism needed for Dietary Guidelines

October 4, 2023

Pragmatism, rigorous science and affordability are among considerations that should be front and center for the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC), according to a range of industry and other groups.[...] 

Domino Sugar plant, doubles down on local production

September 25, 2023

Baltimore’s waterfront was once the city’s economic engine, producing canned oysters, spices, umbrellas, garments, hats, ships and steel. One by one all of them shut down or moved except for Domino. The Baltimore plant survived years of demonization when sugar was variously called toxic and a poison, and blamed for obesity, diabetes and heart disease. […]

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