Field to Table STEAM Packet

There is much more to sugar than you might think! Learn about sugar’s history, how it is naturally made by plants, its impact on the environment, why it is added to foods and more in our STEAM packet designed for grades 7-12.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) is an educational approach to learning that has been widely adopted because it encourages students to think more broadly about real-world problems. The STEAM focus is complimented by information about history and nutrition to ensure a well-rounded curriculum that is customizable to students’ academic level.  

Lessons in this packet include:

Each lesson includes a glossary and interactive activity to demonstrate what your student is learning. A teacher’s key is included to ensure students’ work can be checked at home or in the classroom. Charts, word puzzles, photos and illustrations are also incorporated throughout the packet to help students make visual associations to enhance their learning. These activities will engage your students and help you seamlessly add STEAM to your current curriculum.

Most people don’t know why sugar is in the foods they eat or recipes they make, but sugar’s unique versatility makes it an essential functional ingredient in many of the foods we eat. How is sugar made? Why do humans even eat sugar? What are the co-products of sugar production? How do I know how much sugar I am eating? Students will learn the many functions of real sugar, the answer to these questions and so much more in this comprehensive packet.

Distance learning or in-person, this activity has something to teach students at all levels. The activities in this packet will encourage student’s problem solving and critical thinking. Download or order this free resource today! Spanish version coming soon.

Spanish version now available.

Video-based version of our STEAM Packet is available in 6 parts on our YouTube channel.

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