Aliyah Belinkie

Born and raised in Rockville, MD, Aliyah has always called the DC area home. Aliyah has been running digital marketing efforts for the Sugar Association for over a year. As the Digital Marketing Manager Aliyah designs, builds, and maintains the associations social media and search engine presence. With so much science to share and many myths to dispel,  

Aliyah loves being at the forefront of social media marketing and helping identify the best way to connect with consumers. She loves helping people connect the dots and become more informed. When consumers realize the truth about real sugar, they are able to make educated choices that lead to a balanced lifestyle. Aliyah loves playing a role in making that happen.

In addition to her marketing expertise, Aliyah is an avid baker. She spends her free time testing recipes and decorating cakes. Aliyah has a 6-year-old yellow lab named Buddy. She loves recipe testing to create the perfect dog treat and see what ingredients Buddy likes best. Spoiler: he likes them all!

Buddy’s Biscuits:



  1. Mix all ingredients in a bowl
  2. Roll out the dough using additional flour as needed to prevent sticking
  3. Use the cookie cutter of your choice OR form into 1-inch balls that are flattened slightly
  4. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes or until hard

Aliyah’s favorite way to enjoy sugar is in sweet tea!

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