african american mother and daughter preparing cookies with molds together in kitchen

Sure, including kids in preparing meals and baked goods can add time and mess, but at the end of it you get to enjoy a tasty meal or treat together. Time in the kitchen also gives kids the chance to learn a few things. Here are just a few examples:

  1. Math. You learn to count. You learn that you can divide a cup into fourths — or thirds. You learn what it means to halve a recipe.
  2. Science. Baking is a science experiment! What happens when you mix all these things together — and then put them in the oven? What about when you remove an ingredient? What does that tell you about why it is included in the recipe?
  3. Reading. What important skill do you need to follow a recipe? Reading, of course! Reading in a real-life context helps kids understand what they’re reading better.
  4. Following directions. Following every step — in order — makes a real difference. Kids learn why this is so important when they follow a baking recipe.
  5. Problem solving. Made a mistake? No need to panic! Just stop a moment and think about how you can solve that problem. Maybe there’s a creative way to save those cookies.
  6. Patience. Baking teaches your child that the best things are worth waiting for.

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