National Real Sugar Day

National Real Sugar Day

National Real Sugar Day is October 14!

Join us in celebrating Real People. Real Plants. Real Sugar! 

On October 14, celebrate the gold standard of sweetness – real sugar! The real sugar we stock in our pantry and use in many of our favorite recipes is grown by sugar beet and sugar cane farmers across the United States. National Real Sugar Day is a day to celebrate the people who harvest sugar crops, learn about sugar’s role in our food and in a balanced diet, and make and enjoy food made with real sugar.

Real sugar has been a part of our diets for thousands of years, and in addition to sweetness, there is so much to share about the many functions sugar has in food. Sugar is a versatile and irreplaceable functional ingredient in food. Without sugar, ice cream wouldn’t be so creamy, crackers wouldn’t be as crispy, and breads wouldn’t be so light and airy. Sugar is also used to balance acidity, add bulk, or prevent spoilage. With all these valuable functions, sugar can’t simply be replaced by another single ingredient.

Discover the Faces Behind the Sugar Industry

Tune in from October 9th to 14th for an exclusive From-the-Field video series. Get to know the passionate sugar beet and sugar cane growers, as well as the dedicated employees of the sugar industry.

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Ways to Celebrate National Real Sugar Day

There are countless ways to partake in the National Real Sugar Day celebration, whether it’s baking a sweet treat to share at your workplace or showcasing your personal connection to real sugar, we encourage you to join in on the fun. Download our toolkit below for more information on how to celebrate!

For the Agriculture Industry: 

      • Share stories about producers who grow real sugar or your connection to the industry using #NationalRealSugarDay
      • Share images of sugar beet or sugar cane harvest by tagging us @moretosugar or posting online and using #NationalRealSugarDay


      • Bake or cook something with #RealSugar and share your recipes
      • Strike a pose with your favorite sugar-containing food and tag @moretosugar
      • Donate #RealSugar to your local food bank, community centers, school clubs, etc.


      • Download our lesson plan and educate your students about the origins of real sugar and its diverse roles in our diets
      • Check out the recipe included to make a sweet treat with your class and tag us @moretosugar
      • Make crafts using real sugar!


More Videos From the Field:

1. Amalgamated Sugar: Trent Holcomb

2. American Crystal Sugar Company: Chris Hong

3. American Crystal Sugar Company: Erik Bakke

4. American Sugar Cane League: Stephen Simoneaux

5. American Sugar Cane League: Patrick Engemann

6. Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative: Brian Kjesbo

7. Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative: Matt Moxness

8. ASR Group: Lovey Smith

9. ASR Group: Karleigh Krieg

10. ASR Group: Wyatt Chagin

11. Michigan Sugar: Jim & Stacey Roggenbuck

12. Red River Valley Sugarbeet Growers Association: James O’Toole

13. Red River Valley Sugarbeet Growers Association: Paul O’Toole

14. Snake River Sugarbeet Growers Association: Ben Marshall, Dane Brown & Mitch Bicandi

15. Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative of Florida: Glades Day School FFA

About Us

The Sugar Association is comprised of 15 member companies that proudly grow, extract, and deliver the real sugar the American public uses every day. Today in the United States, the sugar industry is comprised of 11,000 beet and cane farmers who produce about 9 million tons of sugar each year. The industry creates more than 151,000 jobs in more than 24 states, adding $23.3 billion to the U.S. economy. Real sugar grows from coast to coast and border to border of the United States!

National Real Sugar Day
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