Ali Swietek and her dog Pippin

Ali’s been with the Sugar Association for the last 3 years as a primary part of our education and conference team. Putting an emphasis on science-based materials has never been more important. In her position as Manager of Meetings and Education, she’s able to attend many types of educational conferences in-person and virtually in order to help teach both the public and professionals about the reality of sugar. Having the ability to sort through what’s just a trend and what’s scientific advice can be tricky so she’s here to help. Just call her Ms. Myth Buster!

Ali also manages our internal meetings and events. This allows for our members to get together and discuss important issues facing nutrition and agriculture. As someone who loves to plan everything from birthdays to baby showers, Ali’s got it covered. She also provides Sugar Association members with relevant current information and medical studies surrounding sugar.

Ali’s favorite way to enjoy sugar is in baked goods. C is definitely for cookie in her household!

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